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When helping people with self development, the topic of positive thinking is often the biggest hurdle for most people. It is one of the most important elements in personal development. The good people at lifehacker.com wrote an “old favourite” of mine on the topic. In there fine words… The negatives of negative thinking.

negative emotions narrow your mind and focus your thoughts. At that same moment, you might have the option to climb a tree, pick up a leaf, or grab a stick–but your ain ignores all of those options because they seem irrelevant when a tiger is standing in front of you. This is a useful instinct if you’re trying to save life and limb, but in our modern society we don’t have to worry about stumbling across tigers in the wilderness. The problem is that your ain is still programmed to respond to negative emotions in the same way–by shutting off the outside world and limiting the options you see around you. For example, when you’re in a fight with someone, your anger and emotion might consume you to the point where you can’t think about anything else. Or, when you are stressed out about everything you have to get done today, you may find it hard to actual start anything because you’re paralyzed by how long your to-do list has become. Or, if you feel bad about not exercising or not eating healthy, all you think about is how little willpower you have, how you’re lazy, and how you don’t have any motivation. The positives of positive thinking. … when you are experiencing positive emotions like joy, contentment, and love, you will see more possibilities in your life. These findings were among the first that proved that positive emotions open your sense of possibility and open your mind up to more options. But that was just the beginning. The really interesting impact of positive thinking happens later… The benefits of positive emotions don’t stop after a few minutes of good feelings subside. In fact, the biggest benefit that positive emotions provide is an enhanced ability to build skills and develop resources for use later in life.

So how do we encourage positivity in our lives? 1, Meditation/hypnosis Both meditation and hypnosis can help end the fight or flight response which, left unchecked, causes anxiety to build in your system which encourages negative thinking. Both meditation and hypnosis can also re-focus your thinking towards positivity. 2,Writing a journal Righting journal that focuses on the good things in life can help encourage positive thoughts. That said, there’s no point ignoring the bad stuff and writing a journal is a great way to work through things that bother you. 3, Have fun and play Cutting loose, being silly and having fun will always put a smile on your face, so make time to waste some time… it’ll be worth it.

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