Struggling with your New Year’s Resolution?

New Year’s Resolution’s often mean big changes, sweeping corrections to one’s life that involve time and money. They require effort and dedication. Most of all, you will need willpower. Using willpower alone can be hard. The bigger the change you are trying to make the more willpower needed. The trick is to build momentum by making smaller changes first. Baby steps if you will. These steps work because they require less willpower and are less likely to trigger that part of our brains that want everything to stay the same. The drawback with small changes is that we often forget we have made them. The change is so subtle that once it has become the norm, we barely notice we have made any changes at all.

The solution then, is to record these changes. This is aglass-300558_1280 process I use with my clients every day. In each session, I ask about the positive changes achieved between each visit to help them focus on the success they have made. Now you need to see a therapist for this strategy to help you. All you need is a ‘done list’.

We are all familiar with a ‘to do list’ and a ‘done list’ works in much the same way. Instead of writing down what you need to do to achieve your goal, you simply write down what you have done to achieve it (say once a week). Don’t just take my word for it. There are many successful people who use the ‘done list’ to stay on track. Most notably Marc Andreessen who all but invented the web browser (if you want to learn more about Marc and his approach to productivity visit

So, if you find yourself struggling to stick with your New Year’s Resolution then why not try a ‘done list’?

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