What can I expect?

The first step in this process is the initial consultation. At the initial consultation, we will discuss how and of course whether or not we can help. The whole process of change is founded on what is called the ‘working alliance’, hence the initial consultation is designed not only to help you understand how we can help but also to allow us to decide whether we should move forward with the process.

If we both decide that we can work with each other then we will arrange regular (preferably weekly) sessions lasting 50 minutes to an hour each. During these sessions we will use cutting edge therapeutic techniques to uncover solutions and pave the way to a positive change in your life. Each session will end with a positive trance experience that will help solidify the change process.

How long will it take?

With the exception of dealing with phobia it’s impossible to say outright how long the Hypnotherapy consultation can take.

In the same way some people respond very quickly to physical exercise and others take a little longer, the change process varies from person to person. Because of this, solution focused hypnotherapy is broken down into two phases, ‘change’ and ‘perfect and protect’:

Change: We all wish for the ‘quick fix’ but our main goal with any client is lasting change. As such we cannot in good conscience make such promises. What we can say is change often happens between 3 and 8 sessions.

Perfect and protect: A lot of people, throughout their lives, make positive changes. Be it losing weight, becoming more organized or transforming bad habits into good. These changes are often spontaneous and self-directed. If we are lucky then we stick with it and the change persists for the rest of our lives.

Sadly, what often happens is life throws a spanner in the works. Diets slip, diary pages are left blank and bad habits rear their ugly heads again. This is because part of our sub-conscience wants go back to what it thinks is ‘normal’.

In order to cement any positive change, we highly recommend committing to a number (usually 6) of sessions where we ‘perfect and protect’ the change. This essentially helps the sub-conscience understand that the changes you will make are good for you and must be kept in place.

So, what about phobias?

The phobia process lasts four sessions (including the initial consultation).

What is the cost per session?

The initial Hypnotherapy Consultation is just £30.
A single session is £65 and last (on average) an hour.